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Tightrope Wondamix

Monday, July 26th, 2010

If I tried with all my heart, there’s no way I could love Janelle Monae more than I already do.  It’s unnatural.  The video for the Tightrope Wondamix could use a little more fancy footwork . . but Janelle’s verse more than makes up for the lack of her saddle shoe funkiness.

That’s not my name

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Posts have been lame and far between as I’m prepping for the Blue Dome Arts Festival. But really, how much do you want to read about how far we AREN’T along on the bathroom? I know I don’t want to write it. When you can only afford a freelance electrician once a week for two hours, things don’t move very fast.
If anyone needs an electrician in the Tulsa area, let me know, and I’d be more than happy to recommend this dude. He’s our new best friend who we pay to hang out with us.

Here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ to get you through my posting lull. Sound Opinions described them as the Scottish White Stripes… in reverse. Listen to these songs and I promise you won’t worry about anything ever again. Ever.

That’s Not My Name: The Ting Tings
Great DJ: The Ting Tings

A Cause des Garçons

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

A Cause Des Garçcons: Yelle (Tepr Remix)
Je Veux Te Voir: Yelle

10 points to Callie.

Just Folks

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Three… three… three posts in one!

1.Why is it that whenever I use stock photography featuring “people-of-a-color-other-than-white” I have to have the awkward “it’s a little too ethnic” discussion? Is this a normal customer reaction in all markets? How do you, as a designer, respond to customer requests for white-washing?

It really puts me in an awkward place morally as I have to find a happy medium between the client pleasing oh yes, what was I thinking!? White upper middle class faces coming right up! and self-righteous scorn. In my experience, when a client is given the choice of two ads, identical in every way other than the model’s ethnicity, the client will always always choose the ad featuring the white model.

If any social scientist out there would like to conduct a study on race relations within small market advertising, I’m totally down with providing the data.

2. Check out this write up of ol’ Tim Youmans published this week in the News-Star. It’s not every day that someone essentially dubs you a present day incarnation of Woody Guthrie. I especially appreciated that the story gave me not one but TWO opportunities to say “Oh yeah, that Woody Guthrie guy? He was my marriage counselor.” I don’t get to name drop often so it was a very special day for me.
I saw Tim at lunch yesterday but I was too socially awkward to say hello… what with his new found fame and all. Listen to his free music for folks at Listen to the pretty melodies but to the lyrics above all. I can especially get down on (in a meditative way) the song “A Pretty Good Time”, a touching tribute to Tim’s youth group at First Baptist.

we will have a pretty good time
please be safe, in all the right ways
we’ll find there’s so much to give up
and in that, so much to gain
remember God in the days of youth
before we tire and grow weary
and we will have a pretty good time
as our lives shimmer and shine

3. On our way to OKC for our first official meeting of the Obama campaign volunteers, Chris and I were so psyched that, if asked, we would have driven all the way to Iowa to begin canvassing that very night! We had Hope in our hearts and Policy Reform on our lips! There was no greater man in Washington than Barack Obama and we, THE PEOPLE, were going to storm the White House in his name.

As we drove down the highway I imagined all the volunteers meeting together for the first time like old friends – all of us united in purpose. We’d pile on a bus to the tune of bird chirps and laughing children. We would all join and hands, guitars would come out of no where, and “We Shall Overcome” would be sung in 3 part harmony all the way to Des Moines! Somewhere, someone would buy the world a Coke.

Oh. My. Lord. What a gigantically excruciating disappointment.

When the meeting was adjourned we trudged back to our car… the only hope we had left was the hope that we would never ever see any of those people ever again.

Come with me on a journey towards disillusionment: The scene: An over crowded banquet room at “On the Border”. Imagine that every person in the room was driven to attend the rally out of a desire for business networking rather than any kind of “audacious hope” for American politics. Imagine two straight hours of straining to hear the speaker over the “I’m richer than you” one-up manship going on around you. Watch in awe as business cards materialize out of thin air along with empty requests to “get with” their “people”. Also, imagine that your refried beans were dry and crusty from being under a heat lamp too long and that the guy next to you, practically in your lap, is a little more than tipsy from a margarita the size of your head. Watch in disgust as Tipsy Man seems to really enjoy touching all the chips in the communal chip bowl.


“But Marissa”, you say, “I was there! It was hardly the colossal waste of time and gas money that you imply!” Than I guess we weren’t at the same table then, were we?

Special quotes from the evening:

“I would love to attend the Barack-B-Que, but I’ll be in Aspen that weekend.”

“Do you know _insert obscure name drop_?” “Oh yes! Her family used to summer near our beach home!”

“I’m voting for Mitt Romney anyway – have to look out for the ol’ wallet.”

Which brings to mind one other quote “I like your Obama, I do not like your Obama Mamas. Your Obama Mamas are so unlike your Barack Obama.” You tell’em Gahndi.

Thank you for letting me get this off my chest. Chris won’t let me talk about it anymore.


Friday, June 1st, 2007

The CD player in my car is broken beyond cheap repair ($300 bucks?! Wha-what?!) and of course it just had to happen right before the big Kansas City Road Trip of 2007. My CD player did not die in vain, however, for in its death, a new chapter has been penned in the life of Chris and Marissa.

We finally bought an iPod.

Oh yes…. We are that cheap… unless you’re talking about our penchant for White Cheddar Natural Cheetos or our obsession with magazines that carry a cover price over $7.00.

“So this is what the kids have been raving about? Amazing!” says Marissa. “Welcome to the 21st century,” says Christopher.
“Hey you kids! Get off our lawn!” says Marissa.

In honor of our new found technological up-to-speed-ness, Chris and I have hereby ceased referring to ourselves as “Ma” and “Pa”. Now we can run with the hipster pack without worry about our walkmen bruising our hips.

Please help me name my new little green friend.
Choices are:
1. Andy (My Pal Andy)
2. Cedric (Cedric the Entertainer)
3. Loretta (Just Loretta thanks. Lolly for short?)
4. Iggy (Iggy Pod?! Oh no, that’s terrible.)
5. Nanette (No, No, Nanette….or even worse… Nano Nanette)

Lions are Smarter than You

Monday, March 5th, 2007

(that’s not me)

How about a shirt to commemorate the demise of Pedro the Lion? You know you want it. You know it would make David Bazan’s sad heart smile. Shoot, David probably owns three of them himself. Buy this shirt and then put a little music on your ghetto blaster. How about David Bazan’s newish e.p. “Fewer Moving Parts”? Now you’re all set to sit back, relax, and bask in the knowledge of your infinite hipness. Good thing Threadless shirts are selling for $10 until March 12th.