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Fire up the Stereo!

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

I have just a bit of a problem when it comes to Craigslist. I may only find something I need once every six months, but I promise it’s not for lack of trying. It’s just not a successful day unless I’ve checked the furniture section at least three times (and also Missed Connections… I’ve never claimed to be classy). So now you know I’m a little bit of a craigslist expert who’s seen many things in my day, and you can believe me when I say that it is rare to find something as fantastically ROCK HARD AWESOME as what I am about to show you now.

What is it, you say? Is it a fireplace? Is it a totally rad home stereo system? It is both! This beauty features an 8 track player, turntable, electric lighted log, AND a rotating wine rack. Giggity giggity.

A Tub Not Soon Forgotten

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Earlier this summer, Chris and I moved our bathtub to the front porch in order to keep up the illusion that we are still working on our disaster of a bathroom. I promise that leaving the tub there where it sat was not a part of our plan. This was not a vain attempt at winning the hearts and minds of our neighbors… although, let me tell you, nothing will improve your chances of winning Neighbor of the Year more than bathroom fixtures next to your front door. We had every intention of putting it in Chris’ truck and hauling it over to Habitat for Humanity. Promise. But the thing was about 400 pounds more than the poor little pick-up could handle… so there it sat.

I’m sure our postman appreciated the tub since it was right in front of our mailbox. He’s used to it though, since it seems that each day there’s a new and different piece of debris out there chronicling our home’s destruction from the inside out. We call it the Mailbox Physical Challenge. Sure we’d like our Netflix, but could you complete this obstacle course first?

But the tub is gone now. Sold on Craigslist for $50 when, really, if the buyers had been just a little bit better at negotiating, they could have talked us into giving them $50 just for haulin’ it away.

We’ll miss you old tub. I had just gotten used to giving directions to our home by pointing people to the “house with a bathtub on the porch”… and now you’re gone.

The American Fourquare

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Here’s a little cross publishing action from the Brady Heights Neighborhood Association blog:

The latest issue of Cottages & Bungalows (June/July 2008) might be of some interest to those of us who live in fabulous, and much forgotten, American foursquare homes.

I’ve had a hard time finding information on this often overlooked architectural style, so it was great to discover 5 pages of the issue devoted to the foursquare with so many full color illustrations, floor plans and historical information.
The following is a list of links given at the end of the article for further information:
American Foursquare Architectural Style
American Foursquare
Foursquare Homes

There is also an article within the issue which discusses historically accurate paint colors and color schemes. According to the article, bright white is never allowed on the exterior or interior of a craftsman home. While I’m sure that is accurate historically, it does seem a little nit-picky to me. But maybe I just say that as a home owner who’s every door, ceiling and piece of trim is painted white… not to mention the aluminum siding on the exterior of our home. We’ll take care of that… someday.

It’s always fun to find old floor plans that reflect the layout of your home. See If one of these foursquare plans match your own.
The 1916 Aladdin Cumberland
The 1921 Fenner Nebraska
The 1916 Sterling Windemere
The 1916 Sterling Manor
The 1916 Sears Kit Chelsea
The 1925 Wardway Marley
The 1921 Fenner Kentucky

If you have a home built before 1965 Antique Home is a fantastic resource for vintage reference material. Find old house plans, millwork illustrations, interior design articles and more– all taken from original source material!

What was green is now red

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

All the recent storms have really caused havoc with our basement. The dehumidifier is working overtime but there’s no stopping the water that seeps up from the cracks in the floor. As soon as I wipe it away, a fresh line of water oozes through. Whatever. You win nature. We cannot tame you.
Our dehumidifier is fantastic though. I don’t know how we managed without it (probably by not having a leaky dank basement). Having the magical power to glean water from the air is quite the power to possess when you have to turn off the water for a few days. But then that is a story that I’ve taken oaths never to retell.

The storms have also done a real number on our exterior paint. Just one more reason to make repainting a priority. BUT if it hadn’t been for terrible paint jobs and high winds, then we may never have realized our front porch’s full potential. Under the layers and layers of various shades of green latex paint we had a red porch and didn’t even know it! Break out the pressure washers!

So far we’ve gone through two pressure washers. We started out with a 1200 PSI unit which kind of tickled a little. We then upgraded to 1500 PSI, which worked considerably better.. but still, I don’t want to be standing out there for a month cleaning one square at a time. This next weekend we’ll be breakin’ out the big guns with the most powerful pressure washer Home Depot’s rental department has to offer! The kind that can take off a finger!

Embroidered Linen Fabric of DOOM

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

See that there? That’s a Blueprint clipping from 19diggity7 which shows a swatch of THE PERFECT fabric for my kitchen roller shades. For two months I’ve had the fabric sample in my purse, but at $42.95 a yard I was having trouble bucking up the courage to up and call. There are children starving who need new shoes and all. But this morning I was sick of the swatch’s high end taunting, and I finally, FINALLY, made the call to place the order. After all, that’s why I have a credit card, right?

So I called up B & J Fabrics (the only resale source for the fabric that I’ve been able to track down), and now it looks like they may be out of stock. Well. Of course they are.

I’m calling upon the powers of the blogosphere to aid me in sending good thoughts and unicorns to B & J’s so that they will call back with good news tomorrow. Just in case my embroidered linen world crumbles, does anyone out there have any suggestions for another source? Perhaps a suitable replacement? The fate of my kitchen is in your hands!

Foursquare of Tomorrow

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Neighborhood Conservation Districts. Infill development. Prese-reno-restoration.
Everybody in Tulsa seems to have an opinion. The debates have been fueled, for the most part, by the increase in snout houses and McMansions within historic neighborhoods. But where does this guy fit in to the discussion?

It’s definitely an interesting take on the American Foursquare style and I can appreciate the nods to craftsman design. I guess I can commend the architect’s vision and his desire to update a nearly abandoned architectural style for “today”. At least it’s not another “urban loft”, right?

Personally, I think I’ll stick with my original foursquare. Thanks though.

What would you think if this was a renovation within your own bungalow neighborhood?

(Photo of Cherry St. renovations originally posted within theTulsaNow forums.)

That’s not my name

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Posts have been lame and far between as I’m prepping for the Blue Dome Arts Festival. But really, how much do you want to read about how far we AREN’T along on the bathroom? I know I don’t want to write it. When you can only afford a freelance electrician once a week for two hours, things don’t move very fast.
If anyone needs an electrician in the Tulsa area, let me know, and I’d be more than happy to recommend this dude. He’s our new best friend who we pay to hang out with us.

Here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ to get you through my posting lull. Sound Opinions described them as the Scottish White Stripes… in reverse. Listen to these songs and I promise you won’t worry about anything ever again. Ever.

That’s Not My Name: The Ting Tings
Great DJ: The Ting Tings

Guest Room. Check!

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

So here it is, the Blueprint clipping that has been in my wallet for the last year. It is everything my guest room wishes it could be. This is also the picture that began my obsession with Jonathan Adler’s $295 Richard Nixon throw. Curses to you, Blueprint! At one point I actually wanted to try and reproduce the bed EXACTLY, pillow for pillow… but that would’ve set me back $800. For pillows? No thanks.

Plan B was to try and emulate the feel of the room without spending thousands of dollars. The idea was to keep the same light, airy feel. I loved the look of the photo’s white linens with splashes of aqua and citrus introduced through the pillows. I also liked the mix of antique/vintage accessories with the modern designs of the pillows.

Thus, the problem was to find the perfect pillows… since, you know, the entire design of the room was hinging on them. After several false starts, I found two West Elm silk pillow covers on ebay. And then a couple weeks ago… when I least expected it… I found the final pillow! Could it be any more perfecter? No way,cause Nicole Mercurio at Couch Design totally spied into my wallet and designed the perfect pillow that I’ve always dreamt about. Exciting right? Oh, I know.

See. I told you it was perfect. It looks even better now that it has a pillow form. You’ll just have to trust me on that though, cause it’s too cloudy to retake the pictures.

The yellow lamp is one of my favorite junk store finds. The chair was salvaged from our old kitchen table set. The doll is purported to be a Canadian Pippi Longstocking and comes from ebay. The two prints are from the fabulous ashleyg.

On the other side of the room… almost everything in this photo came from junk shoppin’, except the quilt (made by my great grandmother), the pennants (from my dad’s childhood room) and the stuffed cat/bear (Chris’ baby toy). If you ever find yourself in Shawnee, OK, make sure and go junk shopping. It’s totally worth the risk of being sucked into Shawnee’s black hole forever and ever.

So there you go… a very long tour of a very small room. If you ever come to visit, this room could be yours for the night! I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out…and maybe someday the Richard Nixon will take its rightful place at the end of the bed. Argh, how it haunts me!

Before they get better

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

Tomorrow morning the contractor comes to take a look at our bathroom remodel. We’ve finally reached the end of the demolishing segment of the game and need a little direction as to the steps that should follow. I wish we could be DIY purists, but I just don’t trust us to complete a bathroom that won’t fall apart, flood or explode. There are just a few things I’d rather leave to the professionals. For example:

1. Thanks to our powers of deductive reasoning, we know there is a leak in one of the pipes since every flush sent water dripping into the kitchen below. We’re crossing our fingers that the source will be from one of the recently exposed walls, and NOT from a pipe under the floor.

2. An unused chimney travels through the house taking up valuable space in the bathroom and kitchen. Hopefully, Mr. Contractor will tell us this can be removed without causing our house to collapse. The ventilation pipe that connects to both the water heater and furnace is located inside the chimney… so this will need to be relocated…but to where?!

3. Underneath the tile floor is more plumbing encased in an unknown amount of cement. I understand that the tile will probably have to be sacrificed for the greater good… but how do we remove the floor without destroying the plaster on the dining room ceiling? Jackhammering is out, I guess. Once all the cement is removed, will the house collapse? I’m very concerned with the possibility of the house collapsing. I’d rather that not happen.

Good luck Contractor! I hope that your skills include magic and miracles!

Art Nouveau Mail Slot

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Sadly, this mail slot won’t quite work for our house as our front door is made almost entirely from glass. You better believe that I considered every possible position for it, though, including and not limited to putting a hole in our wall. Then I woke up from ebay dementia and decided that a door knocker on the wall might be… unnecessary.

Someone, SOMEONE, needs to bid on it. Go to ebay! Give them your money!