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Mt Zion Baptist Church

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Mt Zion Baptist Church
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Mt Zion Baptist Church

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Mt Zion Baptist Church
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Mt Zion Baptist Church

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Mt Zion Baptist Church
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Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

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Election Day

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Election Day
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Job Update

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Gah. I’m tired of looking at my stupid mug… let’s move it down the page a bit, shall we?

Yesterday, I finally heard back about the job. Lord Almighty. I don’t know if you’ve ever sought employment with a state office but you have to set aside like half of your life just to sit and wait. Then you mail a form. And then you wait some more. And then you mail that same form again, along with two copies. Then? More waiting. 15 years later, you’ve got a job!

Well.. I will have a job… after the drug test comes back in another week. And then I don’t actually start till the middle of August. OH MY LORD SO MUCH WAITING!

The position I wanted the very most is still in process but I’ve grown old and wrinkly and need to move on BUT please please please could I please wait a while longer so they can get their act together? No. Sorry, I can’t. Mama needs to buy a loaf of bread. Good thing I have a few more design jobs lined up before then cause it would be a little sad if I had to go on gov’t assistance while waiting to get my first paycheck from DHS, don’t ya think?

Yesterday, I sat in the drug testin’ waiting room with the man who drove this truck:
Tulsa World Story

News Channel 6

His arm was scratched up, but he was in remarkably un-dead condition for having just flipped an exploding truck full of sulfuric acid and bleach. I was glad to hear that the accident was caused by a tire blowout and not through any fault of his own. Way to go Chemical Truck Dude!

Oh and by the way, I highly recommend the National Occupational Health Services for all your drug testing needs. The staff is very professional and friendly… which is hard when you handle the urine of smack addicts for a living. They also had cute hair. The whole lot of ‘em.

Don’t forget to vote today! Brady Heights! Get yourself to Mount Zion Baptist Church!
Elgin and Easton! Polls stay open till 7pm!


Thursday, June 19th, 2008

One of the many fabulous things about living in Brady Heights is our community garden. Thanks to the monsoon which is currently ruining my basement, our garden is out of control with leafy greeness. We’ve been picking the strawberries all summer, but this is our first harvest from the vegetable side of things.

Last night, Chris and I started craving curry but didn’t want to leave the house. So we trekked across the street to our little garden plot at 10:30pm with flashlights and scissors like garden bandits. I’m sure the neighbors think we’re crazy. We totally are, guys. It’s true.

Added in some coconut milk, rice, dates and prik khing curry and we had dinner for two plus enough for todays’ lunch! Today calls for zucchini bread and the completion of the pea harvest. It’s much easier in daylight.

Foursquare of Tomorrow

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Neighborhood Conservation Districts. Infill development. Prese-reno-restoration.
Everybody in Tulsa seems to have an opinion. The debates have been fueled, for the most part, by the increase in snout houses and McMansions within historic neighborhoods. But where does this guy fit in to the discussion?

It’s definitely an interesting take on the American Foursquare style and I can appreciate the nods to craftsman design. I guess I can commend the architect’s vision and his desire to update a nearly abandoned architectural style for “today”. At least it’s not another “urban loft”, right?

Personally, I think I’ll stick with my original foursquare. Thanks though.

What would you think if this was a renovation within your own bungalow neighborhood?

(Photo of Cherry St. renovations originally posted within theTulsaNow forums.)

Time for Tulsa

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

The neighborhood has been in upheaval lately over the expansion of a homeless mission near our southern border. This could mean the death of us all (or at least our property values)… or it might only mean that a few more men and women receive a bed and a chance to start over. It could go either way.

In this week’s UTW, Michael Bates weighs in on this issue – as he does – and neighborhood planning in general.
Read the column online at
(Notice that in the photo cut line, the homeless are referred to as “substance-addled vagrants”. I sincerely believe that this is meant to be tongue in cheek … otherwise my bleeding heart wouldn’t be able to take it.)

There is also an opinion piece stating that downtown is being run into the ground. The tone seems a little… cranky. Road maintenance is annoying at best, but it’s also temporary and really hardly a reason to be hatin’. Most of the downtown development is still in planning mode – so maybe you guys can wait to start singing the failure song at least until construction starts. Yes, the Brady District has been the butt of planning errors. Yes, the prison location isn’t ideal (what were they thinking?!). Unless you have arson up your sleeve, you’re just going to have to deal with it… preferably in a constructive manner.

This is the line that bothers me the most:
“People are afraid to come to Downtown Tulsa in the daytime let alone at night. It is axiomatic that anyone who is fearful of venturing into Downtown Tulsa in the daytime is going to be even more fearful of driving or walking around downtown in the dark.”

Who are these people who are afraid to go Downtown during the daylight!? Have they been Downtown? Have they been to Tulsa!? Decidedly.Not.Scary. It’s “axiomatic” that Tulsans need to toughen up and live a little.
But then I live in North Tulsa… if I want to impress people I only have to tell them that I take out the trash after 9 pm. I’m pretty hardcore after all.

Speaking of being hardcore in Tulsa: I love Indie Tulsa so hard! Red Fork Hippie makes me want to unpack my Holga and take a day trip… after it warms up.

Cox makes my heart sad

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

We’re back on the interwebs! I would like to take this opportunity to say hello to the outside world, I’ve missed you all very much. All complaints as to my lack of communication shall be directed to the offices of Cox Communications, whose internet “service” is a joke.

For those who know me and Chris on a personal level, you know that we survive on a steady diet of House, MD and PBS. That’s it…that’s all we require. We don’t love “I love New York”, we’ve never seen a single episode of “The Hills”, and even the History Channel in unnecessary. Just give us a set of bunny ears, and please don’t call us between 8 and 9pm on Tuesday nights cause, suckas, we’re watching Fox and you KNOW we won’t answer our phones.

When I say that we watch a lot of PBS, I mean that it’s all we watch (except between 8 and 9pm on Tuesdays). It’s not because we’re elitist or believe that TV will usher in the fall of civilization. We’re just cheap. And really? PBS? Pretty awesome.

So, Tulsa, I just want to say that you have BROKEN MY HEART. Even with our state of the art bunny ears (not those $9.99 sets for the amateurs…we splurged for the $15.99 pair) the only channel that comes in is Univision. UNIVISION! Until They start broadcasting with English subtitles, this just will not stand.

I AM NOT going to be strong armed into buying basic cable. Cox Communications shall not win!