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Ways to say “I love you”

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Dear Jerkface Card from Blue Barn House

In our household, this would make a great Valentine’s card. Jerkface is just about the sweetest term of endearment that gets thrown around over here. We love each other THAT HARD.

Find more rock hard awesome vehicles for your correspondence at Blue Barn House.

edit: Speaking of love, marriage and unintentional inconsiderateness- I’m really glad that Facebook just reminded me that my anniversary is on Thursday! Is it too late to order the card?

Elitists for Obama!

Friday, October 17th, 2008

19 days till the election! Gah… it feels like I’m having a heart attack! Though that’s probably just because my diet today consisted almost entirely of Smarties and coffee.

It’s been awhile since a good Obama merch post (or any post at all really… *cough cough). So, before this election season runs its course… here we go one last time!

“I Can Clean Up This Mess” embroidered dishtowel Obama/McCain shadow puppets Palin Shot My Paw tshirt Barack embroidered hair clipsElitists for Obama pin Michelle and Barack ponytail holders Yes We Can tote Safe House tshirt Barack neck tie

History made

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

I love primary season. No matter who wins, everyone still gets a little sumthin’ sumthin’. Now the real competition begins! Now the bumper sticker gets slapped on the car and the yard sign goes up! Now I start getting really nervous! Sigh.

I understand that tomorrow is the anniversary of the Robert Kennedy assassination, but I do wish NPR would quit playing tapes of the shooting. I’ve never worried about Sen. Obama’s safety before and hopefully never will. However, I have to admit that the juxtaposition of these too historic events becomes a little chilling when it is replayed over and over and over again.

Speaking of terrible events of 1968 that should never be repeated. Have you heard of the group Recreate ‘68 who is planning a major protest for the DNC?
What’s wrong with you people? Recreating 1968 is a terrible idea! I’m all for a little “Smash the State” to keep things lively, but seriously! Maybe you should think things through a little bit first. I’m sure Denver is SUPER pumped.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., wipes her eye as
she watches
her campaign crash and burn.
Tuesday, June 3, 2008. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Hillary Clinton is the new Ron Paul. I never would have guessed it a year ago but… Lord Almighty woman! Her self-sabotage is so painful to watch. I just feel sad for her….like, “Crying in Connecticut” sad. Does that make me a sexist? I promise I’m not, I still would’ve voted for you Hill… I’d pick a sneaky sneaky president with decent policy over Grampa Lumpy McCrankypants any day. Maybe.

And, Bill? I’m talking to you now, Bill. I love you, man, but… Look at me! You are NOT doing yourself any favors!

In COMPLETELY unrelated news. There is new merchandise celebrating the wonderful comic Pictures for Sad Children. John Campbell is a genius and in no way at all a failure at living.

Foursquare of Tomorrow

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Neighborhood Conservation Districts. Infill development. Prese-reno-restoration.
Everybody in Tulsa seems to have an opinion. The debates have been fueled, for the most part, by the increase in snout houses and McMansions within historic neighborhoods. But where does this guy fit in to the discussion?

It’s definitely an interesting take on the American Foursquare style and I can appreciate the nods to craftsman design. I guess I can commend the architect’s vision and his desire to update a nearly abandoned architectural style for “today”. At least it’s not another “urban loft”, right?

Personally, I think I’ll stick with my original foursquare. Thanks though.

What would you think if this was a renovation within your own bungalow neighborhood?

(Photo of Cherry St. renovations originally posted within theTulsaNow forums.)

Mod Cloth

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Have you been to Mod Cloth? It is the perfect blend of awesome. How is it awesome? Um hello! Vintage and handmade goods with a side of astronaut ice cream? And that there in the corner? That’s a Batter Finger. Duh.

Guest Room. Check!

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

So here it is, the Blueprint clipping that has been in my wallet for the last year. It is everything my guest room wishes it could be. This is also the picture that began my obsession with Jonathan Adler’s $295 Richard Nixon throw. Curses to you, Blueprint! At one point I actually wanted to try and reproduce the bed EXACTLY, pillow for pillow… but that would’ve set me back $800. For pillows? No thanks.

Plan B was to try and emulate the feel of the room without spending thousands of dollars. The idea was to keep the same light, airy feel. I loved the look of the photo’s white linens with splashes of aqua and citrus introduced through the pillows. I also liked the mix of antique/vintage accessories with the modern designs of the pillows.

Thus, the problem was to find the perfect pillows… since, you know, the entire design of the room was hinging on them. After several false starts, I found two West Elm silk pillow covers on ebay. And then a couple weeks ago… when I least expected it… I found the final pillow! Could it be any more perfecter? No way,cause Nicole Mercurio at Couch Design totally spied into my wallet and designed the perfect pillow that I’ve always dreamt about. Exciting right? Oh, I know.

See. I told you it was perfect. It looks even better now that it has a pillow form. You’ll just have to trust me on that though, cause it’s too cloudy to retake the pictures.

The yellow lamp is one of my favorite junk store finds. The chair was salvaged from our old kitchen table set. The doll is purported to be a Canadian Pippi Longstocking and comes from ebay. The two prints are from the fabulous ashleyg.

On the other side of the room… almost everything in this photo came from junk shoppin’, except the quilt (made by my great grandmother), the pennants (from my dad’s childhood room) and the stuffed cat/bear (Chris’ baby toy). If you ever find yourself in Shawnee, OK, make sure and go junk shopping. It’s totally worth the risk of being sucked into Shawnee’s black hole forever and ever.

So there you go… a very long tour of a very small room. If you ever come to visit, this room could be yours for the night! I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out…and maybe someday the Richard Nixon will take its rightful place at the end of the bed. Argh, how it haunts me!

Once I buy it…

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

John Allison, the creator of Scary Go Round, has released a new tote- Once I Buy it, It’s Safe. Which is true… this tote just won’t be safe until I buy it… It’s my solemn duty. I gotta show those exchange rates who’s boss!
Not only is it a pretty rockin’ and Earth friendly shopping bag…but by buying it you’ll be supporting a fantastic webcomic which every single one of you should start reading immediately. No seriously… right now. This blog isn’t even good, what are you still doing here?

8 tshirts and a hoody

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

We haven’t done t-shirts in awhile have we? My apologies…

1. Take This- Noisebot 2. Just Don’t Care- Palmer Cash 3. Windy City- Lucky Threads
4. A Diamond is Forever- Palmer Cash 5. Kern- Veer 6. Bad Decision- Questionable Content
7. I smell- No Star 8. Audio Visual- Palmer Cash 9. Yes You Are- Threadless

Can I just say that the day I first laid eyes on the Kern zip up hoodie from Veer was just about the best day of my entire life? Yeah, that’s right… surpassing wedding day, house closing day… blah blah blah. All I’m saying is that the birth of my first child has a lot to live up to, is all.
Oh, and Dad? I’m totally buying you the first one for the next occasion that calls for dad gifts. The surgical nurses will love it. Seriously.
This post represents one hour and thirty minutes that could have been spent working on bathroom demo. Instead, my eyes are all glazed over and now you have pretty shirts to look. Now, If you’ll excuse me, I have to run up stairs before Chris gets home so I can pretend that I’ve been working this whole time.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

Tuesday night Chris and I made an offer on a home and we still haven’t heard whether or not it was accepted. Part of me knows that there is no way we’ll get the house. Everything is working out a little too well and it just doesn’t sit right with my inner pessimist. The other part of me is ripping pages out of decorating magazines and has already picked out the perfect tile for the kitchen back splash.
Chris is just as bad though. He spends his time absent mindedly drawing out the house’s floor plan while discussing landscaping. We’ll debate which room has the best light for the studio and in the next breath whisper “…ohgodohgodohgod we’re not going to get it…” while rocking back and forth.

Realtors take a perverse pleasure in playing with people’s emotions… I just know it.

Speaking of tragically premature plans…

I bought these small mixed media collages for the new kitchen from etsy artist,Sushipot. Each collage is a 2 1/2″ square and comes mounted on a greeting card.

corner of my room
Originally uploaded by postscript love

I also ordered a “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster for the bedroom. I’ve been seeing the print all over flickr lately and knew it had to be mine. Find your own at (or be a creep and buy yours from ebay like I did… was out of the color I wanted).

Scary go Round

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

I don’t crochet… but if you do then you need to buy this tote from Scary Go Round, and you need to do it immediately. Trust me.

If you’re not into hobbies that involve hooks and yarn, then follow this link to Scary go Round anyway and enjoy some high quality web comics involving Brits and the paranormal.